In which I show you Henry’s house.

Monday, October 12 2015

I got picked up from the airport in P.E. by Henry Newman. He is the nicest man ever and didn’t even charge me for breakfast or dinner!

His house is amazing and I truly loved my stay with him. I should mention that he used his own proof of residence to help me get a sim card…
Either way I had an amazing dinner with him and his swiss friend. It was such a nice experience that I would definitely go stay with him again.
Also… His house.

IMG_20151013_073855 IMG_20151013_073953 IMG_20151013_074153 IMG_20151013_074452 IMG_20151013_074540
Just stunning.

So I am now in the little village of Twee Riviere. I haven’t taken any pictures yet but I did start my internship today and I think it is safe to say information overload!

We spent 4 hours on the ethics of conservation and a guideline to keep us safe and stuff. Honestly we could have spent 5 minutes on it but I’m not sure what else we would have done.

Apparently I read fast and, while she was on the phone with someone read through the 4 pages I needed to 4 times, and then 15 extra pages (to break up the monotony, you know how it is).

I honestly love the location, it is stunning and the food is fresh and good! Although I’m sure it is going to add up sometime and make me have to ask my brother for more money… (David, if you are reading this I am not broke! yet…) I’m hoping I can start cooking on my own but I will send a walk through of my house soon. I’m in it alone, there are 3 rooms, a kitchen, a scary food storage area, ants, spiders, a nope area (in my closet, great right?) and a bathroom. I spend most of my time in my room because there is a bed and it is freezing outside! It should not be this cold yet.

Unique experience of the day! I took a bath!

Fooled you!

Wait… No, the water was brown. I took a bath in brown water. It smelled ok so whatever.

Anyways I hope you all are well, and are doing all the things I wish I could be doing there. Like traveling to Africa! (But you can’t stay with me, they told me no to that today… Guess I’ll have my mansion to myself)


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