Trials and Growth

No pictures today, sorry… It was raining all day today and I’m honestly not feeling too well. The cold plus the lack of warm clothing is starting to equal a loss of energy and spirits.

It is supposed to get warmer and stuff but for now I’m  just going to sleep a lot…

Cool things to note!

  1. I am drinking rain water. Like from the sky, untouched.
  2. I am making progress in the paper conservation. Honestly I think that they are having issues keeping up with me!
  3. I didn’t scream or panic as that giant spider came out of the hole in the side of the tub, and had enough presence of mind to figure out where it came from so that i didn’t spend the rest of the day worrying about the magically disappearing spider! (I still of yet to see it since, so yeah.)
  4. I am trying to spend less time/money on the food, currently spending about $7 a day on 3 meals, and would really like to get that down to $5.
  5. The South African Rand is gaining strength so good for them! (Bad for me…)
  6. I did see the sun today! Didn’t warm up much but it was there!
  7. I am in Africa, I mean, if i don’t note that someone (me) might forget!

I’m trying to stay upbeat and positive, but it is hard when you feel trapped by circumstances. I will try to continue to make people smile even though all i want right now is to curl up into a ball and sleep until it is actually warm outside.

I truly hope each and every one of you have a fantastic day, and that you succeed in what ever you do!

Bless, bless

P.S. and then they brought me a steak. Today was a good day.

4 thoughts on “Trials and Growth

  1. Who brought you a steak? The spiders? Wow, some lovely South African spiders! 🙂 Is it this bad? Really? Life is an adventure! Some days are great. Some days stink but after a while, since you have a sunny disposition, you’ll only remember the great moments (like shaking Ms Spider’s leg, I’m sure). I am sure things will get better and better. Honestly, Patrick, they will! Sorry it rains but the sun will start shining again… hopefully! 🙂


  2. Yes! Sometimes places we expect to be warm are not! That’s why my friend Crystal said when they went to Kenya. She thought they’d just be warm all the time…but then they weren’t! Surprise, surprise!

    The same thing happened to us when we moved to Jordan in April. FREEZING! And so unprepared.

    And then winter in Egypt. Gah! You mean we needed to pack jackets?

    Or forgetting to pack socks when going to Iceland, right, Mom? Though perhaps we expect Iceland to be at least a little chilly. 😉

    Find something warm to wear! There’s little worse than being cold all the time.

    PS. I love those heating plate things you posted on FB.


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