First time seeing the mountains, warm, and nasty water

Hey Everybody,

Today I finally got to start doing some conservation work. I am hoping to see if I can get them to release me from the internship early… Mostly because it is who I am, and secondly I can go back towards civilization!

Haha, kidding, I just will work hard enough that I can get all my pieces done before i need to leave.

IT WAS WARM TODAY! Like the sun and everything! It is so nice to finally feel warm again. Though tomorrow will be interesting…

It is officially my weekend, and the place I normally eat is closed so I went to the market and spent nearly $10 on groceries. hopefully that will feed me for the day, and some of tomorrow… Honestly I don’t really have many options for food, so I can just bite the budget bullet right? Ugh

Right, you need to see something of where I am, so…

IMG_20151015_171136 IMG_20151015_171105

But this, this is nasty, and it smells weird, and I bathe in it. So there is that.


Anyways I came upon a revelation today, every single person is made to travel! No matter what each personality type has a strength and a weakness. It’s all about knowing where to go so that your weaknesses can be hidden by the people around you!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Friday!


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