Hmm, it is warm outside, it’s my weekend. So let’s curl up inside and read.

Or in other words, exactly what I did today.

So long story short. My stomach hurts/I don’t know anyone.

And when last night you were told from people you can’t quite catch the sarcasm in that someone has been stabbed and your house occasionally gets broken into but Twee Riviere (pronounced Twee Ri-fear) is safe is REALLY REALLY comforting…


I did manage to find an ATM (took out one big sum of Rand and hopefully that will last me a while) and took a selfie so you know it is still me taking the pictures and I am alive.

So without further adieu here is a picture of me, a scene of the country side. Enjoy!

IMG_20151017_114828 IMG_20151017_114923

2 thoughts on “Hmm, it is warm outside, it’s my weekend. So let’s curl up inside and read.

  1. That is so sad that you can’t get a good feeling about South Africa from Tee Riviere… I wouldn’t either by the way! Sounds and looks like a dreary place…
    By the way, Patrick, Riviere is not pronounced ri-fear as in “fear”!!! In Afrikaans, v sounds like f. And then South Africans tend to “cut” the end of words instead of dragging it like you do in American English! So no fear in Tee Riviere!!!
    I hope you’ll get feeling better soon and get to meet real cool people. No friendly people at work at all?


  2. Nooo, it is a lovely and safe place (albeit much better with a car/way away from the village) the pronunciation was just mean’t as a guide for people unfamiliar with Afrikaans! So Refear is how the town sounds 🙂 It is ok, I only have 7 weeks left…


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