Sunday is that one day…

I am in the middle of nowhere. Seriously. Search for the Belfry Kitchen, go to street view. From there, turn it around and look for the cottage on the right, It’s white. That’s mine. Now zoooooooooooooooooom out. Turns our I’m 2 hours away from Port Elizabeth, and Knysna.

Needless to say I won’t be able to go to church easily.

So, that’s a thing. Hmmm, today I went on a walk. Found a house my mom should buy, because it is for sale and I liked the view. Tossed a disc around and helped someone learn how to throw all the throws I could. I also finished a book, and had a 4 course lunch.

Whew, not too shabby a day.

But you people like pictures, so here’s on of some peppermint crunch chocolate I ate.


And tomorrow I’ll get up the pictures of the view from my walk, and the house my mother should buy.




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