Weekends are rough, but then I get to work again!

Ok, everyone loves the weekend. I’m no exception I promise, but currently they are hard on me as I am trying to figure out what I can do here, what I can’t, and eventually I will meet some folks and have some fun.

Not saying reading at home alone after sitting in silence for 8 hours while I softly rub eraser shavings in a circle on top of some art isn’t fun (Kohleen, if you read this, I really REALLY don’t like dry cleaning on the physical art surface. The verso, sure. the negative space, absolutely. The art itself? Not so sure about that one), because it is!

It’d just be nice to figure out stuff. Ya know?

So what fills my passion now? Repairing paper! Tomorrow I get to do my first aqueous treatment (washing, then deacidification, then bleaching, then sizing? Maybe)! I’m excited because this means actual instruction! And water!

I was told today that I am a teaching type. I really do enjoy helping others learn what I have learned… Anyone know of any jobs that do that?

Kidding, mostly, but not fully… I love paper conservation, and I love book repair, and I love travel and tourism, and I really really really love Ultimate Frisbee. Teaching is starting to make that list, I just don’t really know how to break into that kind of thing.

Anyways I hope you all have a great day! It is still a relatively new one so make the most of it! (Even if it is a Monday)

Patrick (a book binder abroad)

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