All sorts of roles

As a paper conservator I will get to do different things such as:

Rub eraser shavings on paper
Mend torn paper with supplies
Wash paper
Dry paper
Stick paper into an alkaline treatment to deacidify paper
Stick paper back into water
Stick paper into acid that I make less acidic by adding ammonia to it
Put the paper in more water
Put the paper into another alkaline treatment
Take all of that and put it into a sizing liquid (real quick like)


RMWDSSSPPTD is the daily life of a conservator. Yes the glorious RMWDSSSPPTD it really is the highlight of the day.

Disregard the research into the object you are required to do. The hours and hours of (actually fun) tedious research.

Disregard the fact that not a single one of your friends will know what you do, but inevitably ask you to fix their broken scriptures or hymn books (seriously people… go buy a new set, mark those up. Love them, cherish them, then get a new set and start again!).

You live for the RMWDSSSPPTD…

In other words, today I:

Rubbed eraser shavings on paper (it’s all done now)
Washed paper (the paper REALLY REALLY liked the peroxide treatment)
Stuck paper into acid that I made less acidic by adding ammonia to it
Put the paper in more water

So basically I’m there folks, I’m so close I can almost taste it!

I have pictures and such. Mostly of the work I’ve been doing… I haven’t been doing much of anything else, I’ll probably walk to Joubertina on Saturday though.

Bless bless,

2 thoughts on “All sorts of roles

  1. It opened a new world for me! I had no idea that RMWDSSSPPTD could be so thrilling and worth inhaling all sorts of toxic stuff… Thank you, Patrick. Skype whenever you feel like it while you are still breathing! 🙂 Not joking about my first sentence though!


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