Pictures from my walk today (Joubertina)

Two paths diverged…
There is beauty all around.
Nothing fancy here, this bird sounds awful and doesn’t stop honking.
Going and leaving home through this would guarantee that your day is good.
Basically a weed.
$10 worth of food? Why yes, I do accept
Can you tell it is Africa yet?
If you look at the hill closely. Very closely. You will see it doesn’t just have a J for Joubertina…

Well, this was my adventure today. I couldn’t find a sweater to ward off the cold. Or any of my usual souvenirs (being without a bracelet in a country makes me uncomfortable now) but it is what it is. I did see a full market street, I wanted to take a picture but I thought it’d be a little rude when I was the only white person on the street…

Anyways, things get better every day. Just have to find the right outlook.


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