A long journey

So this is day 2 of me being here in South Africa. The first day I kinda just slept for 15 hours. It was perfect. But this isn’t supposed to be about me sleeping, Unless you want to hear about me sleeping? Like I’m pretty sure I just lay there and my mind shuts off…


I got on my first plane at 10:00 P.M. and flew to NYC, the best part about that flight was a little girl had switched seats with me and honestly I didn’t care but she was spoiled from the flight attendants and I got a little jealous. I ran into my friend Tyson on that plane ride and we talked for a bit in the JFK airport, I went on a brisk walk outside in the pitch black between terminals and proceeded to just sit, watch people walk back and forth, and listen to music. SUPER entertaining right? Yeah, that’s how I felt too. So i got up and went on a walk. I went outside and just stood outside for 30 minutes in order to watch the sunrise slowly take over the sky. It looked a little something like this:


After realizing it was a little cold out there I went back inside and sat down. As I chose my place to sit down a girl came up and sat next to me, and me being my exhausted self… I started talking to her. She was going to Israel! How much fun is that? So we chatted about life, and school, and work, overall a great time was had by me, and she laughed a lot so maybe she was having fun too? Either way I went through security and got on my next flight.

Wait, something cool happened! As I was in line trying to get my boarding pass the counter representative asked me if i would be willing to arrive 8 hours later fly through Dubai! I wanted to switch my flight because she was authorized to cut me a check for $1300. That much money would have paid for my entire trip… So we were trying to make that happen but I couldn’t get all the ducks in a row and we decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle.

The next flight happened like all 14.5 hour flights happen. I forced myself to sleep, it wasn’t too hard to do but it was absolutely needed. I slept for about half the flight, and being in an isle seat was probably a very big jerk! But once I woke up I was definitely a very nice person again who would unbuckle and stand up whenever I was asked, or wanted, or needed to go to the bathroom. Honestly I took any excuse to just stand up in the isle. I met a nice lady (the lady sitting next to me on the flight) and she offered up her house for my stay in Joberg but only if I fixed her garden for her (I’m pretty sure it the soil composition so I would just make her some raised planters and control the soil that was placed in them). I’m still waiting for her to email me her details. She has 2 sons aged 25, and 21 so that’s pretty much just going to be 4 days of video gaming.

I was picked up in Port Elizabeth by Henry Newman and taken to his house. It is a beautiful house and I will have many stories and pictures concerning his house in a different post (that should be many pictures and a couple stories? maybe no stories. I don’t know. Stop pestering me). Anyways I just wanted to let you all know that the flights were all uneventful and if you ever fly South Africa Airways sometimes it turns into a self service food and beverage flight, probably the most interesting thing I have seen while flying.

Have a wonderful day!

24 hours…

So I am going to try something a little bit differently for all of you. I will try to take you into my thought process… So bare with me.

Back in February I got offered this internship for paper conservation at a school in South Africa (www.sainst.org). An my mind went something like this:


Take that, repeat it a million times, love it.

So in May, after meeting with my awesome boss, and his awesome boss, and his (then her) awesome boss I was told I could take the time off and not get fired. This time I had much better control over my brain so it went like this:


Right, so now I had this trip to plan for, I started working more hours (I can make up hours I didn’t work before and having coached a lot of frisbee that year I had plenty of hours to make up) and saving my money. At this time, the dull roar of anxiety started to roll in the back of my head. I have been ignoring it for so long…

It started like this about two weeks ago:




not good enough


you could die out there

So these thoughts just loop in my head, mostly noise until one word breaks through and slams you in the back and forces you to eat dirt, much like a playground bully. So in the middle of working, planning for this trip, figuring out housing, gathering art work, working, trying to sleep, trying to have a social life doing the things i like starting to feel more and more depressed and spiraling out of control. I regained control. There isn’t much to say how I did it, it started off small, I found housing for the one night i needed it (Monday night). This included a ride to the house. One simple thing saved me.

I am now excited. It has its own problems associated with it, but I’ll take them head on.

So i guess, onto packing…


9 more days! And we learn how bad I am at counting

Ok, so really, there is only 3 days, 3 hours, 5 minutes until i leave according to the clock. Which is really really cool! In fact it is almost as cool as the gifts I finished making today. Did I mention I bind books?

Anyways, I have never made a book for myself. That trend is going strong! In fact, before this week I had never made a book from scratch, period. So I changed that and made some books.

I am really excited to go, it is hard to focus. Soon I’ll give you all something to really read, look at, and hopefully crave. Until then please enjoy these books (THAT I MADE BY HAND: pretty much as prideful as I can get).
IMG_20151007_112647 IMG_20151007_112841

IMG_20151007_112920 IMG_20151007_112933 IMG_20151007_112954 IMG_20151007_113008

6 days left… The countdown begins

I am excited to go, I am nervous to go. Essentially think of every feeling you can and I am probably feeling that (yes, that includes bloated. Thank you.). I am not ready to leave yet, I have a lot to do; and I am scared. Sometimes the best things in life are really hard to do though, so I am hoping that this will be one of those things.

When the storms roll in over the misty mountains
That blue though…

As hard as it will be to go, I am more excited than any other emotion. Parting is such sweet sorrow, but when I get back I know that the sky, the sun, and the mountains will continue to give me something worth coming back to (ok, family too).

New Blog, New Outlook, New Adventure!

Hey Family (friends, and strangers?),

I’ve told all of you, or at least tried to but I am going to South Africa… It’s for an internship in paper conservation. Paper conservation is the fixing of paper products, not telling you to recycle and stuff. I mean, if you want to, you should recycle. Environment, and whatnot.

I’m going to be posting here frequently(?) or at least sometimes…

There may even be some videos! but at the minimum a good picture or so.

But hey, follow along and it’ll be almost like you were here with me!


P.S. I leave in a week, 1 week!