Here’s a little something to prove I’m still alive

I’ve been bored recently, and honestly I don’t have many adventures that I’ve gone on yet… I did manage to finish all of my art pieces though, and will be working on reports tomorrow but that’s all boring stuff. Also, I’ve been working on a little children’s story. I don’t know where it is going, or what will happen in it, but I will flush it out eventually and make it something a little kid would like to read.

Without hesitation:

I didn’t think it could be this bad, but when you do something as bad as I did… Well, here I am. In the clinker. No more recess, snack time, or anything fun!

It all started on a day just like any other! Sally and I were outside in the sand box playing.

We had just built a giant sandcastle with a real moat, a working draw bridge, and shiny knights!

Sally thought that we should have a princess in the tower but what did she know; this castle was made for battles! Not princesses.

I was about to go get more water to help make the moat keep working when I heard a sound. It was coming from behind the fence. Our fence lead up into the woods, I wasn’t allowed to go in there by myself. I turned to leave, but the sound got louder.

“Sally, come here I need you to listen to something.” I hollored over, sometimes Sally has her head in the clouds, “do you hear anything strange?”

“Nope, nothing strange out there at all” Sally said. Sally never thought anything was strange. She seemed to think nearly everything was normal, except carrots, Sally didn’t really understand those.

“Let’s go investigate” I said slowly opening up the gate. “But mom said we weren’t allowed to leave the yard!” Sally exclaimed “if she comes back we could get in trouble.”

“I know that, but what if the sound is injured. If we saved it we would be heroes and not get into trouble. Besides, if you come with me I’ll have a tea party with you later” it was always sad when I had to negotiate with my sister.

“You have to wear a tie.” She responded. “What?” I questioned “A tie.” And her foot went down. There was no other option. “OK, I’ll wear a stupid tie if you’ll come with me.” If that is all it took to get a chance to explore that sound I got lucky….

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