I think I know my limits

So I have never really felt homesickness. I generally am happy with an situation I am in and whatever is handed to me I can cope with.

This is different.

It has now been 6 weeks since I have had any real interaction with a person. Now, there are people around and I think they do stuff? I think, because there is no semblance of them actually doing anything. They work, they eat, I think they sleep (I haven’t checked) and then they do it all again…

I might be an introvert, but I at least like to: Go hiking (they don’t go hiking because the Puff Adder is the most common snake in the mountains), Camping (See not about snakes), Exercise (There is not much grass, nor good roads, nor any sort of area where one could do this safely), Go out to restaurants (there is one, across the road. I have had everything on their menu. Twice.), See a movie (yeah, no cinemas. I did watch an hour long video about finding truth, through Christ, that I think was mean’t to kind of persuade me to just believe in Christ and not the church), Sew books together (ok, this is my job, but I love it. So there).

I can’t do any of those things here/have found literally no one to do those things with! There aren’t any young people. Also, not to bash on homeschooling, but when your family starts to resemble a cult in the way they act and think, they are limited in the amount of knowledge they have obtained, or they kind of look to their father figure as some kind of god. There might be a problem. I am definitely fine with honoring my mother and father, and I think I do… but i draw the line at deifying them. They are human, I am human. We make mistakes. Let it be enough…

Ok so the “religion” is weird, but if I expected to have an African adventure this time around I was mistaken.

I came here to learn though, and that… Has been going spectacularly well. Apparently I am good enough(?) and talk about books enough that they are wanting me to come back as a visiting lecturer. I might even come back for a year if they offer me a spot as a student… But this time, I’ll come prepared and with the knowledge of how it all works here.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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