Back at the grindstone

Well earlier this year I had some unfortunate news that rocked my world, changed up my plans, made me re-evaluate life and to be perfectly honest made me really quite depressed.

I wouldn’t say I’m out of the woods yet, but I’ve taken some minor steps to being happy again. Namely, I MOVED TO GREECE.

Grad school starts on Monday and I am so excited to get my brain worked over by deep thought processes, new technologies, homework, and tests. So much better than sitting around and waiting for Grad school to start!

But before that happened I had to have an adventure. Life is like that, it gives you things to do… kinda like a video game, with side quests and main quests but in ultra HD graphics (although I’m starting to think I might need glasses so my resolution might be a little less than others).

Two weeks ago I went to San Francisco to apply for a Student Visa. I had to go and interview in person… I needed a stamp on my acceptance letter because “without a stamp you could have forged the letter, I don’t know who these people are” later he also told me “well even with a stamp I guess you could have forged this letter” but to make it official and for him to feel better a stamp I got him! I had to go back on Monday the 24 September 2018 to give him the stamp but that’s what I did. It involved two, 20 hour train rides. It has so far been totally worth it!

That week flew by, super stressed hardly ate or slept… sometimes i just don’t feel prepared, ya know?

Plane ride happened, took a nap in the Moscow airport and when i woke up the gate had changed, which was great because I WAS AT THE FURTHEST GATE AWAY FROM ANYTHING, I mean I’m not bitter for having walked nearly 1.5 miles to get there. No, that isn’t me.

The plane to Greece was also a fun time, turns out Greece had a cyclone/typhoon/Medicane hit and turbulence was pretty fun. Also i took a 20 minute nap and woke up to a random girl sitting in my same row and it freaked me out, didn’t say a word to her, though she was composing some song lyrics on the flight so she’s probably pretty cool.

Church was amazing and I already love the ward. Everyone is so nice and i have plenty of options to stay places when I go visit and people to go rock climbing with (I really need to get my shoes here!).

And then I got to Kalamata.

I walked from the bus station to the AirBnb at night, couldn’t see anything and was absolutely exhausted. The host wasn’t there but i called her and tried to find out where the key was (her kids went and grabbed them for me) and then her mother appeared and started speaking all sorts of Greek to me. For real didn’t understand a thing, but she was smiling and happy so it was a great experience!

The next couple of days involve sleeping and eating, food is fairly cheap here but my body is having some issues adjusting to everything. Hopefully I’ll be ready to go by Monday!

I’ll try to post once a week. We will see… I’ll figure out some adventures to write about in the meantime.



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