Two weeks

You give two weeks notice before you quit a job as a courtesy to your employer so that they can get you to hand off your projects and other tasks to someone else.

Well everyone I’ve been in Greece for two weeks and a few things have happened.
1. I moved into my apartment
2. I started school

So I guess it is real now. America had my two weeks, now I live in Greece.


As I sit at this desk I wanted to show you around the new apartment. I needed two bedrooms to be able to have friends and family to come visit me. So if you needed an invitation here it is: Come visit!

From here we move into the entry way:


From here we move into the living room


Plenty of room to relax and talk while enjoying the breeze!
From here we’ll move onto the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

I absolutely love this kitchen and love that I still have the chance to cook and explore recipes. Hopefully soon I’ll start learning some Greek recipes so that when I come home people will get to taste Greek.

I have started to study and absolutely love learning about clay’s, metals, glass, paper, and history. I am still worried about using the instruments to get data that I then have to interrupt but they will teach me and I will succeed!

The most important thing I have learned so far is that Greek people are so friendly, nice, and loud. Everyone should become more Greek, I have met a lot of people around the world and out of all the European’s I have met I have found the Greek people to be the most open, friendly, caring, cool, beautiful, wonderful people. They readily switch to English for me and I just hope I’ll be able to hold conversations in Greek soon (maybe in 3-4 months)! If I could stay in Greece forever I would very much consider it, who knows what this year will bring but I know that I’ll have friends for life.

I’m not sure what my next adventure here will be, but if you’d like to be a part of it I will always have a room for you.


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