What am I doing in Greece?

So everyone seems to know what I am doing in Greece, but you might be wondering why I am not taking pictures of fun adventures and things of that nature.

I’m not here for vacation, play, or anything like that. I am here for school.

I am attending the University of Peloponnese in Kalamata studying Cultural Heritage Materials and Technologies. In short I am furthering my education in Conservation though I am increasing the science/technical base instead of the physical aspect of doing the repair treatments.

This semester is quite difficult and right now I am learning about different techniques to determine the provenance of an object (basically where it comes from, and looking at how the materials are moving around the world before they become a finished object). So in the last few days I’ve learned a bit about XRD, LIBS, Raman and SEM. We use these tools (X-ray machines, Electron Scanning Microscopes, Lasers) to look at the chemical structures of the objects we are trying to conserve so we can better know what treatments will be most effective for the object, and to know the absolute age of the object and its history.

I absolutely love what we are learning even though a lot of it is going over my head. I am getting better at looking at graphs and being able to make conclusions from them. Not only that but also using the correct words to describe what I am seeing because they matter.

Soon I’ll get to go to some cool places, but for now I’m a homebody… Studying and truly exploring Kalamata, my home away from home.

If it helps I’m also trying to get good at conversational Greek so life gets hectic.

Best wishes for your day and your upcoming weekend.

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