The illustrious non-career in Film

As I try to convince every person I know… I HATE BEING IN FRONT OF CAMERAS, I hate pictures, I have a deep distrust of mirrors, and quite frankly I have issues jumping from rocks into water. Needless to say I’m essentially the reverse egotist.

But this hasn’t stopped me from appear in random newspaper clippings, new broadcasts, and films. As much as I hate seeing myself, I will always help a friend in need.

So let us begin this adventure together…

I was born in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. According to my family I have always been quiet and funny. I would disagree with the funny portion because I was there while they were laughing but have no idea what I was doing. This isn’t to say they are wrong, it is just to say that I can’t prove it. My mom also says I used to sneeze and cough like a cartoon character, so there is that. None of this is actually important to the story, I just had to start somewhere.

I attended a pre-school program at Hyde Creek Leisure Center, while my mom worked for a library. This might be why I like to repair books and why I studied Recreation Management, it also might not be a reason at all just an incredible coincidence. At this program I ran away from a girl who wanted to sit next to me, I played a lot, ate a lot of cheese sandwiches (with mayo), and participated in art programs.

The thing about Rec Programs in cities is that they are always inviting the local newspapers, film crews, EVERYONE to their programs and events. I don’t blame them, and if you haven’t gone to see Provo Rec’s offers go, you won’t be disappointed. Now on this particular day we were working with clay, we got free range to make anything we wanted and then we painted it with a glaze and they fired it and gave it to us the next week. I had my heart set on a cave due to an earlier incident with a bear (it’s my excuse right now, honestly I don’t remember so let’s go with it). While I was working on my cave (caves are hard, I was 4-ish) a photographer for the local paper came into OUR class. Naturally we had a guest so everyone got super annoying and wanted their picture taken. I… I really did not, and really just wanted him to go away so I did what I do best. I focused. I worked diligently on my cave making sure it was just the right earthy brown (lots of green, some black, and a healthy amount of brown) the photographer came over and took a picture of ME! OF ME! I really and truly just wanted him to go away, but nooooooooo… It had to be me. I think people were jealous but I didn’t care. I had a cave.

This was incident 1.

Patrick Cave

I really need to do some work preserving this newspaper clipping…

Incident 2.

I used to volunteer a ton with Provo City Parks Department, and then some stuff happened and I stopped. It is a personal choice, I highly recommend volunteering with them and seeing all the joy people have. I also played the Easter Bunny one year and was in like a million photos… I smiled for every, single, one. Just because I hate photos doesn’t mean that each and every kid doesn’t deserve to have an Easter bunny photo where the body language is happy. I’m not THAT mean.

Easter Bunny

(fun fact about this picture. A friend shared a picture of their friend’s kids on the Easter bunny… Turns out I was the bunny!)

Anyways, I used to be the sheriff for the Provo Pioneer day festivals, usually because I would go borrow clothes from my amazing friend Becky and I would look so much like a sheriff it was crazy! One year the news came around and interviewed me while doing coverage of that event. I don’t remember the year, I don’t have a clip… I’m not the one who wants to see me! But it was the local news and it would have been shown on Channel 7 or 11 if someone wants to try and track it down..


Incident 3.

I went up to watch the AVP Sand Volleyball tournament up in Salt Lake City with my friend Cody and Isa. Isa talked Cody and me into doing a halftime game in the middle of the Kerri Walsh set. So we naturally agreed, though it did take some convincing… But there we were, in the middle of this court, dressed up as giant feet. I resoundingly lost. I’m not bitter. Not at all. Anyways we got interviewed there.

Incident 4.

Tuesday. 23 October 2018.

I’m in school in Kalamata, in Greece. There is no way any of my film connections are here. If they are and didn’t contact me to just meet up or something I’d be a little sad, but not offended, because I like seeing my friends. Anyways. I was in my class it was our 4th class of Archaeometry 2 and we were going over samples and studies actually done using XRF technologies specifically looking at the use of P-XRF which is really cool! And our director, Dr. Zacharias comes in and steals our teacher to go interview with the national news. No biggie we just got to have an extended 20 minute break to try and process the physics.

Next our director comes back in and steals one of my classmates to talk about herself and the program, this is a logical choice because she just did a wonderful paper on drinking vessels and presented the paper at the 5th ARCH_RNT Archaeological Research & New Technologies conference that was held in Kalamata on the 4-5 of October.

He came back again… a third time. A third choice… And he asked me if I was willing to interview with the NATIONAL NEWS. I said I would. I can understand the reasoning behind the choice (it shows off a female and male student, a native and that the school has an appeal to non native students) so I did say yes. It’s just kind of a thing… If you ask me to do something I will usually say yes unless it will cause me harm or I need to recharge.


If you want to know what I asked it was pretty simple:

  1. Why did you come here? It looked like the most encompassing program
  2. Do you like Greece? YES!
  3. What do you think of the program? Love it
  4. What do you think of the facilities? Love them
  5. Would you stay here if you could? Yes! Though there are less opportunities for Paper conservators here.

So there. I have been in the news a lot… Sometime I might try and remember all the times I’ve been an extra, but I just do the extra work because I will always help out a friend in need.

Anyways I hope you have a great day!


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