Kalamata is B-E-A-Utiful!

Sorry I’ve been absent for the last couple weeks, I’ve had a lot on my mind and not a lot of things to write about.

I found out that we will get our essay topics at the end of next week, and that Christmas break is a month long (so we can work on our essays… and not go travel around. Who would even consider that??????).

Needless to say I want to go somewhere, or see more of Greece for Christmas break, so you will hopefully get some pictures that aren’t of Kalamata in the near future.

But instead I went on a walk today so you get these. It’s this really cool park in the center strip of the town that has old trains. Which probably means this was the old train station. It stands to follow really.

I went to Jumbo (think Walmart) and tried to find some measuring spoons. I’m 95% convinced they don’t have them here. Also I can’t seem to find vanilla extract and all I want to do is bake some cookies…

After Jumbo I walked out onto the big pier and looked around, I found some pretty algae so I took a picture of it for my mom. It’s pink, and with the teal water it is a fun contrast with which I murdered the actual contrast because I’m still learning how to take pictures.

Basically I went on a 5 mile walk and found some really cool things to look at. These might not be mountains (my personal favorite) but they are still pretty good.

Anyways, if anyone has a great cookie recipe that calls for baking powder let me know!



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