Christmas part 2. Germany

I didn’t fully get to summarize my trip to Germany yet. So I will do that now, instead of writing my essays…

My cousins John and Ellen Conrad are serving a really cool mission in Frankfurt. They are helping to get the photos and records for family search from the Europe area sent to the US so that people can find their ancestors. It is really cool though the process that they have to go through to achieve this is quite difficult.


So, I went to their apartment for Christmas break because Christmas is always better with family.

We did not do much but we also did more than I expected. I was taken to go see the Gutenberg Museum, I got to see the Castle in Bad Homburg, and I got to go into Frankfurt a few times and saw the Christmas market, and the place where Hitler burned all the books.

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The Gutenberg Museum was by far the highlight of my trip. I repair books and paper for a career, or at least I did, and I am hoping that once I finish with this Master’s degree that I can again repair books and paper. I know I have so much to learn when it comes to the structures of books in order to repair them all successfully and better for the books but I love the challenge of learning those repairs. So, for me, going to the museum was like going back to when books were first commercially made and where they got their beginning as an everyday object.

We ate a lot of good food like a turkey dinner for Christmas day, and a fondue for New Year’s Eve.  It was exactly what I needed for my Christmas break.

Thank you,