I finished my essays, here is some stuff I did

So I’ve been recuperating from writing my essays and really haven’t taken the time to write anything else. But that was basically the whole month of January and February… Here are some things I did.

I went to Athens in January for a school trip, We went to Demokritis which is the Nuclear Research facility of Greece. It was  really cool, I didn’t take any pictures of it but yeah… I was also sick when we went there so enjoy my face for the Acropolis!

Besides the Acropolis we went to the Acropolis Museum, The Benaki museum, and a ton of awesome streets… It was a really warm January day.

To help combat the stress of exams and essays I’ve been going with some classmates for adventures on Sundays and we have gone to see 3 castles, Ancient Messene, Megalopolis, a bird farm, and a ton of monasteries/churches.

Week 1’s adventures are above. We went to some waterfalls, this cool 16th ish century  castle, and Ancient Messene, except we got there late and it was closed, but the town was really cool!

Week 2’s adventure was around Kalamata and towards the south with another cool castle that I climbed my way up to the second floor, I would have gone up to the very top but I couldn’t see a clear way down without killing myself… so I didn’t go.

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Also there was a Tholos tomb that was the resting place of the son of the Greek doctor. Or something… I am really bad at names.

Week 3’s adventures was may favorite Castle/terraced town. It was amazing!!!!! Everyone should go to Karytaina Castle. Just do it. Also the bird farm, and another massive site was on this trip… We wanted to pay, but it was closed, so we drove for a bit and found a way to walk in, where everyone else just walks in.

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This castle and the views from the top were breathtaking. I would gladly move to this town.

So there it is. A little bit of an update for the last couple months, honestly I’m loving Greece and it has so much to offer each and every person. It isn’t my absolutely favorite place yet, but it is getting there!

Have a great Sunday!


One thought on “I finished my essays, here is some stuff I did

  1. Patrick! I just caught up on your blog posts and I am so jealous and proud of you! Why am I getting an online MLIS when I could be in Greece getting a Master’s in anything?! You are a great writer and this adventure sounds fabulous. We miss you around here! And I still have my little bound notebook sitting on my desk! Keep up the good work and know that all of us at the HBLL are rooting for you!


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