In which I explored a Castle

On Thursday 4 October 2018 I was invited to attend the 5th ARCH_RNT Archaeological Research and New Technologies but that didn’t start until 5 p.m.

I’m really not good at waiting I get too much nervous energy and it makes me need to move and do something. Anything. Literally why I don’t date much I just don’t like the buzz of energy I get hours before the date. This is neither here nor there, just a side note…

Anyways, I decided I’d walk up to the Castle of Kalmata because I could see it from my AirBnB and thought “Hey cool! Old. Castle. Walking!” So I went. Walking there got kind of crazy as I just picked roads at relative randomness until i could reach the Castle. One of the roads had some dogs guarding their home and well they were sitting at head level on the wall next to the road. I didn’t notice them, they noticed me, I admittedly jumped. Fun times were had.

After I explored the Castle I walked back down to the beach and just stared at the water for a good 30 minutes, hopefully this week I’ll actually get into it while the sun is still warm.

The conference was really good though way above my head because I’ve never dealt with ESM or Electronic Scanning Microscopy

I promise I’m having fun and that I am alive! If you want to come visit please do, I really like this place.


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